Tobii Eye Tracker 5 and Facetracknoir; MSFS tracks both at the same time

I bought an Eye Tracker 5. I used it with the basic support in MSFS but I would like to tweak the curves to my liking. I found out about Facetracknoir. I installed it with the tobii 5 plugin and the pluginpack.

Facetracknoir now detect the Eye tracker and I can adjust curves like I wanted, however when I launch MSFS, it will detect and track both the Tobii Eye Tracker and the output from Facetracknoir.

What’s the trick so MSFS only track Facetracknoir and ignore the Eye tracker?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried or followed this short tutorial.
Got me up and running.

This is all not needed anymore. Tobii has full 6DOF native support now in SU8, including sensitivity sliders for all movements.

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Many thanks for letting me know.

I want to use FaceTrackNoIR but msfs has tobii supported. How could I disable Tobii in MSFS and only use FaceTrackNoIR? It’s a whole lot more customizable.