Tobii Eye Tracker always on

Just got the tobii eye tracker and find it’s always on. I go into the app and turn it off but any way to control on/off without going into the app?

Physically turn off the unit, like turning off the tracking LED’s and having it cold and dark? No, I haven’t found a way other than turning it off in the app. I’d actually like to be able to do this as well if there is a way.

If you just want to disable it in the game you can toggle head tracking on/off, but I’m assuming you know this already.

On a PC running Win 11 bring up the task bar. Find the Tobii icon in the system tray at the right hand side. Right Click on it and select Quit. I also have a Tobii Experience shortcut on my task bar which is used to start it up again. Tobii Experience can be closed again as soon as it is running.

On further investigation all you need to is select “disable” rather than “quit” then, when you want it back running select “enable”. This is all after right clicking on the Tobii tray icon.

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I have the tobii plugged into a powered USB hub, that has little buttons to turn on/off the ports individually. So if I want it off, I just press the button.

Mine toggles on and off via F12. Cant remember how, but I know a man that does. Simhanger on Youtube has some excellent stuff and has some superb setup videos for Tobii and for settings too.

Correction… F12 centres the view and I think it is something like shift and / that suspend the device. The vids mentioned above will reveal all.