TOBII eye tracker puts me above wing

New Tobii user here. I can’t seem to get in the pilots seat of the C172. I’m above the wing and/or behind the seat. I know I’m just a little too far from the tobii but limited by dest space.

Tap F12 to move forward into the pilot seat.

Hope this helps. Regards from us.

There’s a bug with first load in. You must use the “reset head position” twice the first time. Make sure you have that command bound to a button for easy access.

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Yeah that’s a weird bug indeed! I can understand having to reset ONCE. But why TWICE :rofl:

Is it a reset or not. So strange!

I guess with Spad you could make the single click do it twice every time?

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Has that bug been reported? I don’t think I’ve seen it.

EDIT: No, it has not been reported. I just searched the Bug Reports.

I’m not even sure it’s a MSFS bug. I’ve used other head tracking (Open Track) tools and never noticed it. I just assumed it’s a Tobii thing, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

I definitely didn’t experience it with TrackIR.

I still think it ought to be logged, and if not an MSFS issue it will be flagged as such.

If it is an MSFS issue, it would be nice to see it fixed.