Tobii eye tracker shutting off

My Tobii eye tracker has started shutting off within a few minutes of starting a flight has anyone else had this issue? All software and drivers are updated and everything is de selected in device manager for shutting down hardware etc. Any help would be great no idea why it’s doing it worked fine the last year.

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I have no problems with my tobii eye tracker, have you tried a new install? If you do that you have to delete the driver also otherwise you might get a problem that the software installation gives an error.

Hi @BenMapp,

Are you using a wireless mouse by any chance? I formerly experienced an issue where my Tobii Eye Tracker was randomly shutting itself off mid-flight. I determined the cause was that my wireless mouse went into low-power sleep mode, and for whatever reason my Tobii would shut itself off when I moved the mouse and woke it up. I solved the issue by plugging my mouse into a USB cable whenever I use my Tobii. I haven’t experienced this issue ever since I figured out the cause was my wireless mouse waking up.


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Hmmm interesting … I would imagine swapping USB ports would help but I’m in no way certain. Is the Tobil wireless?

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I do use a wireless mouse but have done since purchasing the tobii a year ago without issue, although now you mention it I recently changed wireless mouses when one went flat… Will certainly try a wired one though thanks.

All drivers and software have been deleted though treid that several times. I have just tried setting the tobii experience software to delayed start in services as advised in troubleshooting
plus a few other things, although that is very annoying as I have to wait for it to load up first before starting msfs. Hopefully it’s some simple random thing like the mouse interfering with it.

Do you by any chance use a longer extension cable than provided?

The eye tracker can power down if the voltage goes too low. Which could be a longer cable as mentioned above. Also, in rare cases USB ports at the front of your PC can perform worse than the ones in the back. Or if you accidentally put your most power hungry devices on the same USB controller it could also drop out.

Most motherboards have two controllers. Check your motherboard specs and try to move things around. Hopefully it’s something of the above. If you still have issues please reach out to the support team at

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Just the stock extension lead using a powered usb adaptor.

Like I say nothings changed in the last year it’s worked perfectly until recently.

Powered USB hubs are usually the solution in these cases. Reach out to the support team and do some troubleshooting with them. They’ll be able to check logs and figure out if something else is going wrong software wise.


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I’ll see how it goes today swapped the wireless mouse out anyway. Running it on delayed startup as it suggested in one of the troubleshooting guides.