Tobii no longer functioning

Today I’ve switched from RTX2070s to RTX4090, no other hardware changes. I’ve used Tobii since July of this year with absolutely zero issues.

After today’s hardware swap, this is what’s happening:

  1. Tobii isn’t recognized when the simulator starts, meaning I can’t see it in the Controller Options.
  2. When in the simulator, I pull out the USB and put it back in, I get a message that I need to create the profile. The sim sees two of my previously created profiles, but head tracking while turned on, is not working in the simulator.

Super frustrated right now. Any tips how to get this to work again?

Hi @BeakedTurtle182, I’ve moved your topic into #community-support:tech-support which is more appropriate :+1:

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This resolved, I reinstalled the drivers and recalibrated it and seems to be ok now.

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