Tobii (optionnaly) with FaceTrackNoIR for more accurate curves and Freeze mode shortcut

I’m a delighted Tobii user for 2 months now, after more than a decade of using TrackIR. My Tobii works fine except that I would love, as many Tobii users, to have a shortcut to freeze the view, then release it to unfreeze. For example, when looking closely to nav/com/ap and settings stuff with the mouse. The stability is quite very good with the Tobii but there’s always room for improvement.

I buy FaceTrackNoIR but I have the feeling that the shortcut assigned to my Mouse Button #5 doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes, I need to press the button several time to make it work. Obviously, it’s not a hardware button issue. It works great in other environnement. FaceTrackNoIR’s users, do you ever face this issue?

Optionally, I played with different curves to set sensibility in a better accurate way than the basic settings in MSFS. But there’s too many things to tune and finally, I think my settings is worst than without FaceTrackNoIR. Less stability of the view for example. For those expert in FaceTrackNoIR, what filter do you use if any? AccelaFilter Mk2 ? EWMA filter mk2 ? Did set something for the smoothing ? I didn’t find much web pages on Tobii+FaceTrackNoIR settings.

Thank you for your help!