Tobii translation movement take no account of head orientation

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The translation axis for the Tobii headtracking at always relative to the front of the aircraft and take no account of the orientation of the head at the time.

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Tobii Fixed Axis Movement.mkv
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Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Start Tobii head tracking with translation enabled.
Look left out of plane window.
Move head left - view point moves left relative to the nose of the aircraft and out of the windows - not relative to the direction you are looking.
Repeat using trackIR head tracking rather than tobii - that works correctly.

it appears that rather than tracking the actual head position within the cockpit you are just tracking axis movement and applying that to a fixed grid based on the nose of the aircraft.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:
Tobii 5

I am really enjoying using Tobii Eye Tracker after native implementation has been added!

One additional feature I would like to request is that of Relative Translation.

Relative translation allows you to change how head movement is translated when you look to the side or to the rear. For instance: when you look behind you and you want to move your head to the right, then you will have to move your head to the right. Currently, you have to move your head to the left in order to move to the right when looking back.

Basically when the yaw axis exceeds a certain angle (this value should be user definable, for this example say 120 degrees) then the X axis is reversed. This adds ALOT to the immersion of actually being in the cockpit as it feels natural.

I hope this can be implemented to make this implementation even better than it already is. Thanks!

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It’s mildly infuriating that this common sense functionality wasn’t the initial implementation, let alone that it still behaves this way. It’s absolutely essential to making the experience just intuitive and functional enough to replace traditional camera controls. One simply can not perform standard actions like checking one’s six, or looking down out of the side windows, while maintaining immersion (to say nothing of our poor neck/spine safety) without it, because in reality (and trackir) these movements involve combining both a twist of the neck and a slight lateral lean of the torso.

This is more a hardware-breaking bug and less of a wishlist feature request. It’s a bit concerning that no dev on either Asobo OR Tobii’s side seems to have yet recognized or successfully advocated for the importance of this one factor on the overall experience. I would hope that at the very least, someone at Tobii, self-purported tracking specialists, would be insisting on it as a condition of meeting minimum product viability regardless of which party handles responsibility for the work of implementation. Devs: you mistakenly implemented what should be an obscure optional control behavior as the default behavior, it’s literally that simple; please stop letting sim update after sim update go by without addressing it. It would be much appreciated, knowingly or not, by pretty much everyone who tries to use Tobii with MSFS. The hardware is there, and we appreciate the existing developments, and it’s close, but the implementation still needs work to be a viable choice.


I agree with all the above.

The main thing that ruins my Tobii experience is the struggle between its positioning and the freelook camera in the sim. Perhaps it’s my fault (and I’d be happy to know that I can fix my mistake) but I have big issues when trying to set a default head position using F12. If I used freelook to zoom, or rotate my view, F12 does not return my head to a centered position - I have to manually adjust freelook to center myself, and even then it’s sometimes a frustrating experience.

IMHO, when I press ‘H’ to switch Tobii On/Off I should return to a centered view the correct distance from the windshield. Some of this is how the sim itself handles camera positions, but some of it is how Tobii does or doesn’t retain default view settings.

And when I press ‘F12’ I should return to a preprogrammed viewpoint, not one relative to any sim camera settings.

I have 28 more days to decide whether to return the Tobii. I don’t want to give up its good features, but I also don’t want to deal with fighting to get my head position where I want it.