Today, 15.12.2021: "online services are unreachable"

Server issues?
Is there a website where I can check if the server is having issues?

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Same here in Italy

same thing out here - UK

Same here, USA

Oh thank god its not just me. LOL
In Switzerland, btw… seems wide spread

I wish I could spend one single day without issues in MSFS

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same here : FRANCE :slight_smile:


Just as an FYI the two places to check for service status are found here.

Although at the moment everythign shows “online” so it may have just occurred / not been reported yet.

I can confirm here in France

portugal off same here

Yep, yep.

Same, same.


Same here. Southern California.

Yep … here too in Canada. One more reason why Microsoft/Asobo should fix the bloody offline functionality so when this happens we can at least still fly pre-cached areas and enjoy great scenery. Sheeesh!


same here in Germany

@FreedFlyer97231 Suggestion: change the “today” in the post title to today’s date, for tomorrow the today wouldn’t be accurate. Well, at least I hope it won’t!!


The always online, persistent connection, for key components of the sim have never worked since launch. The offline functionality needs to be significantly improved starting with the autogen and AI traffic.

yes unfortunaly :frowning:

Same here in the USA.

■■■■, just happens at the very moment I wanna play… appears to be affecting everyone. I’m in SE Asia.

Just when I selected the Beta via Steam, now I can’t even download it… great… lol