Today my mouse pointer turned into a dot and moved with the headset

In my reverb G2 today something new happened. When I jumped into the cockpit for a flight the mouse pointer was locked in the middle of the screen. The pointer icon was visible but it wouldn’t move from that position as I moved the mouse. Then as I moved my head to look around, the pointer turned into a dot and followed my head movements. I was able to move the dot over the buttons and controls and they highlighted as normal but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to clcik on them.

Since I couldn’t click on anything I tried to make the head-tracking dot go away. I restarted the VR session, tried in another plane in another flight, quit/restarted MSFS but the dot remained.

I restarted the computer and in the next flight the normal mouse was back working again but after about 30 mins the dot came back. I haven’t flown since to test it any more.

Has anybody else seen this? Can you click stuff with the head-tracking dot? I’m perplexed.

NOTE: I don’t use the VR controllers. I only used a hotas, gamepad and mouse setup.

When I play with a Xbox gamepad, the white dot is a major annoyance. It doesn’t occur with a Dinput gamepad.

@HethrMasn so you’ve seen this dot before. That’s good to know. It’s the first time I’ve seen it in the sim and I’ve always had the gamepad connected. But now you’ve pointed to the gamepad so next time it appears I’ll turn the gamepad off and see what that does.

I think the white dot is for interacting with cockpit controls, and there are “interaction toggle” commands in control settings that can be bound to buttons. I personally use the mouse to interact with cockpit controls so I never want to see the white dot.

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