Today's Quickfix update 1/6/2022 (beta ?)

Was pleasantly surprised to receive an update this morning …

Why temper your expectations?

OH … It looks Fantastic – 15 minutes in, and NO CTD … whats not to like …

Seriously, it looks like it is addressing (or at least trying to) address a lot of the concerns expressed over the Christmas-new year Holidays.

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Were you previously in the beta?

This is what I’m getting after beta on the Xbox

What I do not quite understand, is a lot of the item sin the Release Notes were in the previous release notes – so this seems to be a few changes to the previous Update, as opposed to a whole slew of new changes & fixes,

So, it is not clear whats NEW in this latest Update , as opposed to the previous one.

Its like a HOTFIX to a HOT FIX ?

this is the beta that everyone has had for 2 weeks if they opt’d in – fixes CTD, it does NOT fix your FPS from tanking on longer flights


Thanks Erik :+1:

This doesn’t bode well - spelling checker or do we get a new type of instruments?

mistakes happen?

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