Toe Brakes not working seems like a common thing

In my settings for the rudder, there is a Reverse Axis check box for the Z axis (yaw), but no reverse check boxes for the X+ (Left Brake) or Y+ (Right Brake) Axes.

Even if there were check boxes, that would mean the brakes would be stuck on all the time, and the check would reverse that so they could work normally.

Changed the axes to the X and Y without the plus sign and ignored the error message. The slider bars and the reverse axis box then showed up but still no brakes.
Its time to start over with MSFS.

I have resolved this. Toe brakes are working now.

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How? Others might like to know :grinning:

It ended up in one of my other threads…about re-installing MSFS

Did this cut and paste work?
I am new to this.