Toes brakes not working on CH rudder pedals since SU5

Since SU5 I have noticed that the toe brakes on my CH rudder pedals do not seem to engage.

I have checked the assignments (which are correct) and when I go into ‘Sensitivities’ I can see that both axis on the rudder pedals are working correctly.

I have no add-ons installed, a clear community folder and a fresh install of MSFS.

Anyone else noticed this or anything similar?

Mine work fine, same hardware, so not sure…

same here…mine are fine…all a/c

I had the same issue, but was able to mess around with the mappings until it worked. I don’t remember exactly what I did but I think deleting your existing profile, if you have one, is a good start, and then you might need to remap the brakes on a new profile too if the default still doesn’t work. You’ll know it’s working when you can see the deflection bars moving right there in the controls screen - after the hotfix, mine had disappeared as if it weren’t an axis.

Good luck!

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Same as the original post. Can you elaborate on how you were able to fix the issue? Oh and also, can you tell me exactly what your bindings for the toe brakes are now? thanks!

After looking back at the settings, the issue here is the new “default” profile they added in SU4, which previously worked great, is now broken. The fix is just to make a new profile and then assign everything exactly like the default one - even the sensitivity settings. Even though it’s identical, it will work while the default will not.

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Ok, thanks, man! one quick question. The default profile has Joystick L-Axis Y and Joystick L-Axis X bound to the left and right brakes on default, but whenever I push down on the toe pads to bind the brakes on the new profile, it always gives me Joystick L-Axis Y+? how do I get the original?

Nevermind, I got it to work! Thanks!

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Thanks - works for me too!

Many thanks for this - managed to get mine sorted now :smiley:

Just stumbled on this from another thread as I had the same problem.

Implemented the solution that was suggested and fixed.