Toggle comand with honeycomb bravo

Hi all
I would like to use one of the switched on the bravo throttle to turn on a fuel pump.
I can only find a command in MSFS to toggle fuel pump (this makes the pump madly alternate between on and off).
I had the same problem with toggle parking brake, however, I found a command to turn the parking brake on /off so this now works fine.
Anyone know of a fuel pump on / off?
Or can I fix the fluctuating when using the toggle?
Best wishes

You may be able to do this using a tool such as FSUIPC or that handles the input and sends SimConnect commands; you can set these apps up to trigger a command once on press or on release, rather than constantly over and over and over.

However if there’s not a way via SimConnect to set it explicitly on or off, using a toggle command will likely remain a bit inconsistent.

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To keep the forum organized, I have moved your topic into Peripherals #self-service:peripherals
Thank you.

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