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“Added HOLD HUD VIEW & TOGGLE HUD VIEW shortcuts to the controls list, allowing to quickly access the dedicated HUD views in relevant aircraft” Can someone explain what this mean?

The “hud” view is the collection of critical gages that can be displayed as an overlay on the screen.

Does this mean that you can dedicate a keyboard letter to swich then ON or OFF?

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Yes, that is correct.
The actual settings are in Assistance Options, User Experience, but now you can bind them to a key.
There are two huds, one for external, and one, as pictured, for cockpit.

How do you do that?

Here are a couple pics.
Go to the controls options, highlight Keyboard from the upper menu.

Type in hud as shown, make sure the filter says all
Click on the box shown that is highlighted.

Next, this box will pop up.

Click on Start Scanning and press the key you want to use for it.
Most keys are already set for a function.
Select a key for a function you don’t use.
Select Clear Current Input
Then press validate.
Next press the key again
Press validate
From the bottom toolbar, press Save

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THANK you so much.

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Assigning “toggle HUD” to a controller button is just doing nothing for me, neither in external view nor in the cockpit.


I did that and it does nothing.


After doing some more research, I don’t think it’s for that hud.
I think it may be for the actual huds on the 787 etc.

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Probably yes and quite disappointing.

I’ve long been looking for a trim setting solution. In many airplanes you just have no visual.

I sometimes use the inputs mod window.

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