Toggle keys for HUD things

I just want to know how to toggle the HUD when I am in external view. I play with an OLED tv and I can not put the HUD all the time without burning my tv. I also feel this HUD disturbing most of the time, and I only what to seed it sometimes (important times). So a toggle key is totally needed.

I wonder how it possible that a simulator like this one is so messy with hundreds of bothering keys that I have to disable on my controller, and there is no option for what it really imporant like this toggle HUD.

It is also needed another toggle key for Point of Interest, cities, fauna, etc. Every information that appears on the screen should be with a toggle key fo hide and show in “the fly”. Entering in the menu to change it is not a solution at all.

I suppose many peopla asked before about this, because it is something essential and this simulator seems not to implement. How is that possible?


If you use the search function you will find you are not alone…

Might want to take a trip to the wishlist pages as well.

Hi, you mention that you have an OLED TV. It is an LED display (not Plasma) so, you will not get screen burn.

you can toggle these things, either in game or with mods

OLED is prone to image retention, but much less to burn in. That means that a stationary element that’s been on the screen for a period may show up as a ghost for a short time after it’s been switched off. But it’s not likely to burn in unless an item is on screen for a ridiculously long amount of time. So it’s possible, but unlikely in normal use.

@Macaco000 - There are mods that will allow you to switch said HUD on and off from a key. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do it natively in the sim without going into the menus to turn it off and on.

Have a look here:

Even if the module to hide panels tooltips don’t work anymore, the one to activate/deactivate HUD in external view works well.

Ok, I will take a look at mods (I am recent with FS 2020 and I did not search for mods). Anyway, these toggle keys are something the game should implement yes or yes. It is something probably super easy and fast to do, and something that people need.

About OLED retentions or burnings…, I am not a tech man but I am just following recomendations of other forums, and they say we have to be carefull with an image that is not moving for long periods of time. I really don´t now how much time is the limit, but I prefer not to discover by myself.

Indeed. This should be base functionality in the sim and we shouldn’t have to rely on a mod for it.

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