Toggle to enable/disable atmospheric effects in VR (turbulence, buffeting ect)

This is a thread associated with Asobo decided to not to implement the suggestions made in that thread. This suggestion is about having the second best option after fixing the camera to the horizon. That is to be able to switch atmospheric effects off altogether.

Reasons to support this change:
-It will help new VR players by reducing nauseating effects
-Realism - uncommanded horizon movement without associated inner ear movement is highly non-immersive
-Real life turbulence doesn’t move horizon - it moves the plane.

This change is purely for realism’s sake. It’s like flying in the most beautiful milk sky without any air disturbations. I myself did my VR legs with the Elite Dangerous buggy - the uncommanded horizon movements in MSFS are nothing compared to the spinning cycle what the buggy washing machine can give you. Those people who want to have the horizon move with air disturbations will still enjoy the ride if they so wish.