Toggle vs Set keybinds

I’m setting up a basic switch box and was curious about using toggle vs set keybinds. I started with toggle, but switched to set (as in, SET PITOT HEAT) because I saw that I could override the existing game state where as the toggle would require me to sync it up first.
I’m implementing this by sending a joystick button press command when the toggle switch is on, and a release command when the toggle switch is flipped off. Is this how it should be set up? It seems to work, but I’m not sure if this is how it’s intended to be set up.

That seems fine but i must warn you that msfs has a problem currently with switches left in the ON state. If you leave one on and have another external switch/knob to operate heading or altitude, it will only turn the heading bugs in units of 10 degrees and the alt in units of 1000ft.

This can be overcome by using FSUIPC7 though.

A lot of cockpit building when you first start is trial and error. Basically if it works and doesn’t mess anything else up you are good to go :blush:

Thanks for the reply.

it will only turn the heading bugs in units of 10 degrees

I saw this bug and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, good to know it wasn’t just me. I guess that’s a good reason to go with toggle though. I was originally asking because i noticed in FSUIPC7 I’d see holding a button for “SET” would work, but it would generate lots of events. Makes sense, I think, to switch back to toggle for now.