Tokyo Disney Disappointment

For having issued an update specifically focused on Japan, Tokyo Disneyland still looks entirely too much like a retirement community. I guess Chiba doesn’t count as Tokyo as far as photogrammetry goes :sweat_smile:

Here you go. Free too.

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Did you also download then new Japan scenery from the market placeL

Oh hey, that’s pretty cool. I’ll snag that, thanks!

Yes I did, there’s almost no change once you go out east past the Skytree as far as I can tell :stuck_out_tongue:

If bridges and landmarks are copyrighted, would Disney parks be too?

Idk, Disneyland and Disney World are both present in the US…

Tokyo coverage is rather limited with the Japan Update, in particular as compared to Google Photogrammetry coverage of the entire thousands of square miles of Tokyo metropolitan area, that is from Haneda up to Narita. What we get here with the Japan update is merely downtown Tokyo.

This one is actually better, as it includes the hotels and surrounding area.

Well yeah. Chiba isn’t Tokyo. It’s even a different prefecture :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most of Tokyo isn’t photogrametry after the update either. Guess too much to include.