Tokyo residents! Rtx3090


Wow… amazing graphics and smooth…
But someone needs to wash and clean those wings… Hahaha.

Thank you very much mate. Feel free to check out my other videos :slight_smile:

Haha indeed , but I like it because it makes it look more realistic.

I do not get the fascination with wing view landing videos. Asking genuinely here… is it about feeling like you are sitting on a real aircraft, or what is the kick here? Or maybe realism of the graphics and sound reinforced by the familiar view for most people (being inside a plane as passengers not pilots)?

Hi @Camargo24 and compliments for the video.
A (probably) simple question if You can help me:
Could please explain me how to record the cabin camera and in the same time pilot the plane ?
Thank You

Did you land on the taxiway?! :smiley: there are no rwy signs whatsoever!

I am not sure but i believe the reason is real life footage with same engine & wing view.

I believe it was around 2010-2012 most of the high view landing etc videos were with wing and engine views. Especially 747 twin engine videos were looking great. Same with A380. I remember this because i am a casual content creator and i remember this kind of videos had the highest view before.

So people started to create that kind of videos since it gives the feeling of flying on board of an aircraft. When you record just outside, it feels empty like just random high altitude footage.

This may be the reason :smiley:


Hello, I use a payware flight recorded for this. I bought it before the freeware replay mod came out on

Check again

Thank You a lot

Sorry, it this:

Thank You

Yes, that’s the freeware replay mod

Thank You again

You’re welcome

Aw one rarely get´s the sweet-spot to see the turbine running when booking a flight… Either the seat is directly next to the engine, or too far in front or behind of it to see inside.