[TOMOS] Day 73 Around the World | Kamembe - Goma - Kampala

Hello dear community,

Looking forward to our Group-Flight on Tuesday:

Lets fly around the world Day 73

Route:… Kamembe - Goma - Kampala
Dist.:… 400Nm
Highlight:… Amazing Vulcanoes
Aircraft:… Beechcraft Bonanza
Server:… Europe West

STREAM START: 8pm german time / 7pm Zulu

Skyvector Flight Plan:

Feel free to fly along!
Hope to see you there:

Are there any comms?

Hello Hello,
Yes there is also a general discord voice chat open, for everyone to hang out.
I might pop right in too. During the live stream.

This was a good flight. The flight included a nice terrain clearance challenge that provided a great learning opportunity for several virtual pilots. It was really neat to watch people getting to know capabilities of their chosen virtual aircraft “on the fly” and solving the problem while airborne - and at least one impromptu landing on the side of the mountain :wink:. Great stream.

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Thank you so much dear Kapustick,
for this very nice review of our group flight.
I´m very happy that you enjoyed the evening,
and nice screenshots too.
Looking forward to the future flights aswell.
You are always very welcome. See you soon.