Tone being generated

Newbie - apologies in advance if this is known and I didn’t find it. As soon as I select an airport when creating a new flight a high pitched tone comes from my PC’s internal speaker, not my true speakers. Happens with an airport I purchased in Community folder and MSFS provided airports.

Win 10, 64Gb RAM, I9, RTX 2080 Super.


That’s completely bizarre. The PC sound system - the original one that does the beeping at power up - is a classical retro design, a speaker connected to a PIA type chip. There’s no reason why it should fire any other time. Games and so on haven’t used it for probably twenty five years now.

Have you got some odd device plugged in, a specialist aircraft controller or something ?

If it all works apart from that I’d be inclined to disable it (Hardware/Sound/Audio Devices I think) and if that doesn’t work disable it physically (there will be a jumper or a plug or both, see motherboard manual).

Just keep an eye open for odd crashes. It makes no sense, but there must be some reason.

Do I presume this goes away wif you remove the airport you mention ? If so, this is slightly concerning and you may want to report it to Asobo. The symptom is unimportant, but MSFS really should be able to cope with such without doing weird things to the hardware.

It is any airport at all. I don’t have anything odd plugged in, I am using a mouse rather than a joystick right now. Can you point me to the right way to report it to Asobo, please?

@FlattestZebra87 I am sitting at my desk right now. If I move my cell over beside my workstation it produces a nice whine through the piezo speaker.

Poorly shielded PCs can and do pick up RF from outside sources. Strong sources can overwhelm even well shielded circuits. It is even possible for the right RF produced in the computer to create a tone.

Unlikely with todays electronics but still possible. The steps taken to produce the tone needs to be verified. It is even more unlikely that a scenery file is causing the tone than a stray RF signal. I would start by removing the airport mentioned and restarting the sim. If you still get the tone when in the world map we know it is not the airport causing it. If it goes away, I would contact the developer of the airport file and have a chat with them.

If the tone persists, I would start looking for RF sources in your immediate vicinity.

If its your actual internal speaker then your motherboard is trying to tell you something is dying in there.

I would rather suspect that it’s (an electric hum of a) fan on your GPU that is now in overdrive.

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Fan never crossed my mind. Good point. The map is notorious for running at ridiculous FPS.

Is there anything I can do to slow down the fan? The noise is really irritating. Thanks for the suggestion, BTW.

Thanks for the suggestion but it does it for any airport.

If it is, then there’s a good reason.

I would not advise slowing it down because of sound issues. If that is indeed the issue, then replacing the fan would be a sound (pun intended) solution.

Though with a tool like MSI Afterburner you can manually adjust the fanrate for most cards.

Have you considered just disconnecting that internal speaker? I haven’t seen one of those for over 10 years.

Just snip the wire, you don’t really need that beep on start-up do you?

Thank you to everyone who responded. I am an idiot. My UPS was hidden by the computer tower. The tone was from the UPS when the GPU kicked in, it is undersized for the new computer. I feel foolish…

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