Too Steep Path

In the MCDU F-PLAN of the Fenix A320 I get the below indication " Too Steep Path" . The flight plan was created by Simbrief. Is this normal? If not how can you rectify it?

I quite often see this when loading an “approach” into the MCDU. It is often to do with the altitude or speed limits specified by the approach. Often the aircraft can meet the criteria by the appropriate selection of flaps and speed on approach, despite what the MCDU says.

However, if you don’t want to see the “Too Steep Path” appear then it is possible to use the right selection key beside each restriction in the approach and remove either (or both) the altitude and speed restrictions and manage those yourself on approach.

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Slow down ?

That happens in the real aircraft. The altitude and speed restrictions on the STAR and approach have resulted in a descent angle that exceeds the programmed performance capability of the aircraft. You can manage it by using speed brake and / or configuring and flying a speed near the fast end of the allowed window (ie 10 knots below the flap limit speed.)