Toolbar in vr

When in vr, I press button to bring up toolbar. I can interact fine with it until I press the display icon, the display windows pops up fine.
Change camera to external so I can see flying outside.

That’s when the toolbar stops working . It shows up fine pressing button to bring it up, but nothing I select on the toolbar works anymore so I cannot reset view back to inside cockpit. Stuck outside plane until I restart the flight.

Windows 11.
Microsoft store bought.
Ryzen 7 3700x 16gig

Nvidea driver 511 studio. But happened on latest gaming driver too I think was 479.

Oculus rift s.

Apart from that, all seem good. Shuddering very little with driver 511

Press the end key to switch views.


Wasn’t asking for info but thanks.

I was reporting a bug!! Lol

VR toolbar doesn’t work in external view so you need to map a key or controller button to toggle view to get back in cockpit.

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