Toolbar Pushback Nose Tilt

This has happened to me a few times - where the aircraft nose will tilt up. Is this a known bug?

You can just turn off the Nose Wheel Lift in the Toolbar Pushback options tab.

A real pushback involves lifting the front of the aircraft by the nose wheel. So this is realistic, although probably a bit exagerrated lift.

naw, what the original poster has here has nothing to do with the tool options or normal function. what is happening is that he has his brakes applied or partially applied. Make sure your brakes are fully off (not just the cockpit brake toggle). If you have brakes mapped to any input device, use that to make sure your brakes are off.

Well yeah, but there’s a few problems with the lifting feature when used on the A330neo, for example. So turning it off is the quickest and easiest way to ensure the pushback works on all aircraft.

Besides, not all pushback tug lifts the aircraft. While you might be correct for the type of large pushback car that’s usually common in Europe. Most airports that I’ve been to rarely have these types of pushback car. Most of them are the one thay uses a long stick that attaches to the nose wheel and the car just push it. These types of pushback tug doesn’t lift the nose wheel because it can’t.

So if we use a modded pushback tug model that uses the smaller tug type. Lifting it up would actually make it unrealistic.