Toolbar VFR map and Camera pop out displays causing major fps drop

I have 2 monitors, so when I’m playing Flight Simulator I like to use the option where you can make toolbar panels pop out the sim and be a separate window of the sim. Today was the first day I encountered drastic FPS drops, form 40-50 to 15 by using these pop out displays, any fix because they were working amazingly since august 18th 2020 ( first day of release :wink: )

Note: this also occurs when using the ALT+Click on the PFD/ND

Hmm this is odd because it’s a long time issue which is actually going to be (partially) addressed by Asobo in the next Sim Update. Not sure why you didn’t see the issue before, but yeah it’s a known (and annoying) problem

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This has been an issue for quite sometime for those of us who pop out panels / instruments. They did stated on the last DEV Q&A that they have a “partial fix” for some systems (although could not elaborate more) that will come with SU8.


phew for that haha, we will have to see then!

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See logged bug here: