Toolbar windows tracking head mouvement, please help

Hi there, new into the VR World (1week) this is a truly amazing experience. I use a HP Windows Mixed Reality and Open XR with a RTX 2060, R5 3600 and 32GB RAM which performs amazingly well in VR with medium settings.

However, when I open a window from the toolbar, it pops in front of me and tracks my head movements. That s really annoying, I wish I could stick it in a place and leave it there like they have shown in their Feature Discovery VR video.

Thanks a lot.

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Same here but with the Acer WMR headset. When I first loaded it up, the menus worked as shown, small panels we could drag around the aircraft. Now it just brings up the window, centered to my sight. Can’t even select it most the time.

Yes and we use actual Microsoft devices! The toolbar is useless to me unfortunately…

Found a work around for now. Open the panel you wish to open and expect the bug to occur. Go to the “cog” icon and click “Reset Panels”. After that, open the desired panel again and it’ll work as usual in VR. You will need to do this every time for each menu item it seems. Still, better than not having them at all, at least for now.


Will try that !

That worked! Awesome thanks