Toolkit Measurements

As a final check, I reran the 4 tests, verifying each time in the Toolkit Menu that FSR was enabled.
I also ran the sim for a while with v 1.1.2 and HAGS=Off, getting 40-42 FPS so clearly HAGS=Off is the way to go. Here are my measurements FYI. And Thanks for all you do for the VR community! Much appreciated.

  1. Toolkit 1.1.0 HAGS=Off
  2. Toolkit 1.1.0 HAGS=On
  3. Toolkit 1.1.2 HAGS=Off
  4. Toolkit 1.1.2 HAGS=On

Jim Simmons
Falls Church, VA

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I assume you meant this as a DM to me :wink:

Thanks, i’ll review the numbers later.

Are you sure you’re not running some sort of frame rate limiter? The app CPU measurements between OpenXR and the OpenXR Toolkit don’t match (20+ ms vs 11ms) which is indicating something is getting in the way.

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