Top 2 planes to fly with are?…pictures please

The TBM 930 (could we have the 940 too?):metal:t5:
Piper PA-28R Arrow Turbo III👍🏽



Couple my faves:

Diamond DA-62: a modern twin-engine prop with reasonable power and a very luxe feel. My “dream plane” is the single-engine version DA-50 that’s coming out. :slight_smile: The stock sim version had some problems with the FADEC that have improved recently, but also consider the DA-62X Improvement Mod and the Working Title G1000 mod.

Top Rudder Solo 103: an accessible ultralight that’s built a little on the rugged side. Great for “low-n-slow” sightseeing trips – but IRL you can’t fly over downtown Los Angeles. :wink: Two things to note: first, the prop is clutched out when the engine is at idle – your engine isn’t dead! Just throttle back up and it picks up. Second: there’s no trim (just like in real life) so plan to cruise at whatever engine power keeps you level. At default weight & balance, at or below 1500 feet it will cruise level at about 7500 rpm. Note that at higher altitudes you lose thrust, so this is not ideal for flight in the mountains as you may go high enough that full throttle doesn’t keep you level without maintaining pressure on the stick.

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I only fly one plane in MSFS, and that’s the A320neo.

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