TOP FIVE most useful Navigraph features

Hey folks - hope you’re all well! I made a quick tutorial on my five favourite Navigraph features. I’ve been using the app a lot recently, and love how it integrates into MSFS.

What’s your favourite MSFS companion/EFB?


Although I have been a user of Navigraph, I did discover something new feom your video tutorial. Excellent video and nice voice modulation and presentation. Thank you.

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Hi @AthenaGrey1 - thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate the kind feedback!

Do reach out if you have any suggestions or ideas for future tutorials :slight_smile:

Happy flying :airplane:

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It appears your flight is tracked by the purple arrow in Navigraph, how do you achieve this synchronisation?

Nicely done! Learned some new tricks as well; thanks so much! :slight_smile:

There is a program called Navigraph Simlink. Once I have this running I can also run Navigraph on my Navigraph iPad app and track it separately there, which makes for a nice set of charts to follow my progress on the course and approaches.

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Hi there @Silicon9044 - you need a tool called Navigraph Simlink to do that. My tutorial below will show you exactly how to track your flight with the purple arrow:

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Hey @Seven7Tango - I’m so pleased to hear that! Navigraph is a brilliant tool. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I love Navigraph but I really wish they’d add VFR. They’ve said before they were working on it but no sign of it yet. Most flights I do are VFR so I don’t necessarily get my money’s worth yet, though I do find it invaluable for 10-9s and approaches regardless of flying conditions.

I read they are working on VFR charts on their discord and forums. No ETA. Great product overall.

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I have Navigraph in my tab as well, but the Android version is beta and randomly crashes when using simlink.
But is awesome this easy way to see all the charts of your route.