Top Mach Studios: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Just out of curiosity, what values would you set that to double or triple the max speed?

Have you thought of making a fantasy variant of the F22 that is high speed, high maneuverability that doesn’t care about physics or what the human body can withstand?

This plane was that way at first, but it loses it’s entertainment pretty quickly. As far as doubling/tripling the speed, there’s no set way to get what you want. It’s a lot of trial and error. Just play around with the table i mentioned, and you should be able to get it there. You’ll have to have FBW off as that is tuned for the current flight dynamics.

I’ll update it for the next release.

The real world Raptor is more or less already at the limits of what the human body can withstand - arguably past those limits. But if you want a bird that can pull 30 g’s and go Mach 6, that’s probably not in the scope of this project. The sim itself limits speed to about Mach 4.6 or 2666 knots so that’s going to keep you from making an orbital space plane. I think the X-plane sim does support space craft type speeds - if you wanna go all out maybe consider that product.

Follow Evan’s advice regarding drag table for less drag and more speed and you can also go into engines.cfg and crank up the thrust number and make it a rocket with wings (it sort of is already). You can make it do whatever you want within the limits of the underlying sim, but it’s definitely in the realm of fantasy.

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Quick question Evan, will Adam also be working on the exterior model or is the other idea of purchasing an already constructed model still on the table? Just curious. Also, some shots from last night flying:

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We’ve got a lot on our plate right now with all of the changes that we’re doing to the cockpit, avionics, flight dynamics, and everything else. The exterior model is on our wishlist, but I can’t make any guarantees for it right now. Hope you guys understand.

Great pictures by the way! We did the same thing last Friday! Formation flying is pretty fun in this bird!


Can I just say this is an awesome aircraft. I’ve been flying it for a few hours and it really does feel great.

One thing I’m wondering, from what I understand in a real F22 all wing and tail control surfaces are completely automatic according to the pilot’s main control inputs. If going slow for example more flaperons are deployed to increase lift, tail spoilers deploy to increase drag if needed and they all go in to landing configuration when the landing gear is deployed. Will this sort of thing be modeled eventually?

Also the sound is great but when rolling there is a lot more airframe creaking than I would expect from such a high tech aircraft, it’s quite immersive but is it realistic?

Either way I’m having a blast so thank you so much for brining us this amazing aircraft!

Good questions. Some automation is possible with simconnect, but I think that’s very far on the horizon from where we are. Right now our focus is on flight dynamics with the way the aircraft “feels” while flying it. We’re also working on getting the new cockpit incorporated.

As far as the creaking sounds, that is an indication that you are flying near the top edge or over the rated speed. I just imported default sound files to the plane. I’ve looked at creating custom sounds, but it’s way outside of my expertise.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the plane!

i kindove like how the exterior looks tbh . lol

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How’s everything going? :grinning:

Good. We’re working on Fly By Wire and flight model improvements, I’ve also added the ability to display a map on the PMFD. Once we have everything locked in, I’ll get a new release pushed out.


We’re still here and chugging along. The current version seems stable enough for us to hold off on updates until the new interior model is released. Stay tuned.


Any further sneak peaks at upcoming updates? :eyes:

As soon as the bug that was introduced in yesterday’s sim update is fixed, we’ll be able to get some pics on here. Right now, we’re sitting on our hands. We can get the a/c to load, but resyncs and builds in flight cause a CTD. There’s workarounds, but it’s really cumbersome. I’m hoping they post a hotfix soon.

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Haviing fun with the current version in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Haha, love it!

Wonderfull plane you ´ve done, thank’ s à lot. I’m waiting with big pleasure yours next update😉
What kind of bug you got with the last udapte?? Personnaly i have no problem, all is fine…

Good luck for your work :+1:

Nothing that affects normal users. Just a huge pain for developing and troubleshooting. Thanks for the kind words!

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Is the fuel usage accurate on this aircraft? Because its supposed to have a 2100nm range but Im struggling to reach 500nm at a 60% throttle. No way is that correct.

You’ve really got to baby it to get that range out of it. I usually get the best fuel economy around 40kft. @Dakfly0219 is the resident expert on the flight model so I’ll let him answer that.

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