Top part of screen pixelation issue - Help

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some help with an issue I used to get quite a bit, but then I started cleaning up my DirectX shader cache and it seemed to have fixed the issue for a while but all of a sudden I am getting it all the time. The start of the flight will go fine, and then suddenly at any random moment, my screen stutters for a split second, and then the top portion of my monitor starts to be pixely when panning around.

I have an RTX 3070 and I usually keep my frames locked at 30, sometimes i’ll bump it up to 60.

I run nvidia driver version 497.29 as I find it has always been the most stable for me.

thanks for the help!

Update your driver.

End of conversation.

Check your Nvidia control panel settings - especially when it comes to refresh rate and max frame rate. Have you made any changes in there?
Usually keeping your drivers up to date does the trick too but in case it doesnt - check the above settings.

This was an issue when using render scale above 100% and older Nivida drivers. I haven’t seen this for a few months, so I assume a Nvidia driver update fixed it.

As has already been suggested, update your graphics drivers. The set you’re using is from December 2021. Not updating your graphics drivers with the latest generation GPU is a terrible idea.

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