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Im not sure if everyone has heard of Self Loading Cargo but for me its given this game a whole new experience. Its a built in add on that’s been used in X Plane and other flight sims and its fantastic.

I have to say its the best £12.99 i have ever spent on a software program. The captains voice through to actual cabin music for individual airlines is authentic and really does sound real. Keeping passengers on board happy and fed is brilliant. Fly like a Kamikaze and they will scream…

Go search on youtube and see for yourself. I have the Easyjet and British Airways sound pack installed which are all free when you sign up along with loads of other airlines. Trust me you will love it. All the dings and seatbelt announcements are in there triggered by flight phases or yourself manually if picked.

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Oh, really good advertising
I hope it not only works for the x-plane/P3D games but also for a real flight sim like FS2020rc2.
Funny how many people claim to be real pilots or serious hard-core simmers but not gamers, yet still want such an addon for their hobby game. Screaming, fed passengers LOL
$5.00 seems to be a fair price for such a simple addon considering the huge market FS2020rc2 offer the developer.
Would not recommend buying it before seeing numerous independent or trustworthy reviews though.


Advertising? I only posted this as a consumer who thought other simmers might enjoy it. I have nothing to do with the developer or program. Don’t buy it no one is forcing you to…

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“but also for a real flight sim like FS2020rc2.”…just what I needed to start the day…a bloody good laugh!!!


You are overreacting and implying more than what I said. You can advertise as a consumer by praising the product. See:

Whether or not you have something to do with the developer or program is your affair and for the individual potential purchaser to suspect or decide, not me. I have not even implied that you do.

If you are unhappy with my review recommendation to other readers or my price idea, you will have to accept that on this forum as my opinion. I can’t stop or force other people to buy an addon.
All my comments are meant in a friendly way.

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I have it and love it too! Also the customer service is the absolute best top notch !


No maybe I read into wrong and my apologies. For me it certainly adds to the game and again its about opinions and the varying degree of them that people have. My 7 year old son was listening to the pilot making the announcements and said it sounded just like the plane we went on to Jersey this year. Now when they patch this game up so it really is a thing of beauty I reckon it will take some beating for a long long time.

I’ve been considering getting this and A Pilot’s Dream, they seem to complement each other quite nicely.

And no subscription, which is big bonus these days.


Yeah on discord he does answer nearly every ones question which makes a nice change

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He immediately helped me with any questions and concerns I was totally :100: percent satisfied and highly recommend this app as well !

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The only thing that lets it down is the cabin crew voice but I understand that’s his 10 year old daughter who stood in for the voice over role! I think he’s changing this in the next update not sure. I got 71% satisfaction tonight from London Heathrow to Liverpool with 70 passengers onboard… I was over the moon lol. I should have disengaged the seatbelt sign sooner and good old Gladys in 27b wouldn’t have wet herself… :slight_smile: Landing was firm but apart from that decent flight log…

No problem. You definitely did read my post wrong but there is absolutely no reason to apologise. Misunderstandings can happen.
Some readers might want to know if there is a trial period.
Happy flying.

I plan on getting it when they fix the default aircraft and systems first. Some of the 3rd party devs may already have this idea working on their planes from the beginning download.

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What’s “A pilot’s dream”?

I meant A Pilot’s Life, sorry! :man_facepalming:t2:

No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:

Does Self Loading Cargo work for/make sense for smaller planes or is it mainly for people that pilot jet liners? I’ve got a long way to go before I jump into something like the A380 but I love the idea of having it score my flights and would love to use it for some C172 flying. I’d move up to a multiprop too if it works for those :slight_smile:

2 Likes Ever checked this one?

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Oh man, that looks great! I hope they add MSFS support; I don’t feel like buying XP11 right after MSFS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, do you use it with MSFS 2020?