Touch Portal - a sim pilot's best friend!

I’ve been using Touch Portal application with an Android tablet to control FS2020 and, boy what a great tool it is. Works with Apple smartphones as well.

It’s very similar to a Stream Deck - except it uses your touchscreen phone or tablet as as the keypad. Stream Deck makes a software version as well - but it’s limited to just 16 keys and costs a bit. The HW Stream Deck is very expensive.

Touch Portal is free to use, and if you pony up 12.95, it’l give you unlimited buttons and pages. I have a pages set for views and custom views, a set for Aircraft autopilot switches, lights. de-ice and all that.

Basically - any set of keystrokes can be assigned to a button. You can even set up on/off indicating buttons if the function you are automating has both an on and off keystroke sequences.

I’ve got my Android tavblet set up right next to my joystick and throttle - I’ve greatly simplified control of the sim and have reduced the need to manually enter a key command - just poke the touch screen and away we go.



This is awesome timing. I’ve been thinking about a mini keyboard to control camera/recording etc. and I’ve got an old Android phone and old iPad I could use for this. Definitely trying this.

Thank you for sharing.

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I can recommend Matric App - does the same for less with more templates available. Only Android clients at the moment.
I use it on two 8" tablets.
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Nice! Working on a similar project with

I’ve setup Touch Portal too. Quite impressed with it ! Highly recommend.

Do you know how to launch the Microsoft Flight Simulator app? I haven’t been able to do it.

now we are talking about getting sim short cuts on a tablet here an app i have been using with fsx and now in msfs2020 on my android tablet - it interface with the most important panels / buttons. i believe it has a fully functional demo version also. it is called fsradiopanel pro.
have a look

Thanks for the tip! Tried it loading FltSim 2020 Control.tpz but the tablet keeps displaying (main) panel? Is there something I miss to activate the new panel?

Just downloaded Touch Portal today. On that (main) panel you have to make a button with the action action to navigate to the flight sim panel. That main page seems like that’s your home page and always starts there.

Hi guys, it would be v helpful for newbies like me if you guys can share your templates if possible. I have just installed the plugin and loving whatever basic functions i could configure.
Thanks and cheers !

I tried Touch Portal. But I could not get the sim to accept multiple keystrokes (macro) from a single touch button. For example, I set up a button to send 10 keypresses to increase the autopilot’s altitude by a 1,000’. The sim ended up increasing only 100’. It seems this sim has its own keyboard processing—unlike typical Windows apps.

Has anybody managed to send multiple keystrokes?

Get this plugin Touch portal MFS 2020 plug in

Purpose of this plugin is to reduce the use of keypress and instead communicate directly with FS.

Here is a template i am using, i found from the above link.


You ll get your autopilot keys also configured there and can use it to adjust various parameters.

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As @dbsjrinco suggested, you can either map a button and program it for opening the page (msf2020)(i am also doing the same) or it s mentioned on the owner s github page that you can go in touch portal s local file and change the main page file.