Touch Portal Query

Good Morning, UK time. Is it possible to create the Touch Portal buttons etc on a laptop, sitting in my comfy armchair, then use it on my FS PC in another room? At age 76, I would have thought this would be possible, but cannot seem to figure this out for myself :frowning:

Any [simple please] advice would be most welcome. Thanks.


Hi Warmage1944, I’m no expert to be giving advice but I’ve thought about this and of course you should be ‘programming’ the buttons on the FS computer which then transfers the software buttons to the touch screen that you are using. I don’t know of anyway to transfer your work in the comfy chair to your msfs computer. However I’ve thought of a way you might be able to control your msfs computer from the laptop with Chrome remote control. Look at this link and see if it looks feasable you will need a windows laptop and Chrome browser for this one (free as far as I know) but I’m sure there will be an Apple/Mac equivalent. Good Luck !