Touch Portal with Control Plugin for MSFS 2020

I can’t even say that this is the right place for me.
I just assume to be right because in the broadest sense it is probably about SDK and simconnect.

It is about the excellent plugin Touch Portal, with which you can create your own panels for the tablet via the PC in interaction with simconnect, e.g. for the flight simulator MSFS2020, for X-Plane but also for the control of Windows or any application.
Especially for this, HiDTH has written a FltSim-msfs2020 control plugin (GitHub - HiDTH/FltSim-msfs2020-Control: Control Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 cockpit buttons and functions from a mobile device or tablet using Touch Portal) using IDs and events that are unfortunately not documented.
Example of many: There is an ID called fsc.adjustFactor to which a value should be entered.
Where can I find these values?
Some (about 10%) I found out myself only by very tedious trial and error.

Or an even worse question:
How can I contact the developer on Github?

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Hi, I’m using Touch Portal with the MSFS Plugin and a modified desk of FltSim-msfs2020-Control.
Its very fine, but I have one problem. The plugin values of the flaps have no decimal point but a comma, so I can not do a if-then query, because it will see the value as a string and not as a number. Can someone help me?
Greetings Josef

I have created a TouchPortal windows using the MSFS plugin for A320 aircraft. I am searching how to create new item in this plugin in order to use it with the A32NX from FBW.

Hi there,

Just joined the forum and saw this post… wanted to chime in that I’ve been working a lot on updating the MSFS/SimConnect Touch Portal plugin and the latest version can be found here:

Review the releases and change log, functionality has been significantly expanded, with more to come (working on WASM integration now). The pages mentioned in the original post @HiDTH is working on should also get updates soon.

You can join us on the Touch Portal Discord room #msfs2020, and feel free to contact me here as well, or start an issue or discussion on the GitHub repo.