Touch Screen issues with Pop out Panels

Unfortunately I had tried that, among every other windows setting, you are on the right track though, ultimately the issue is a conflict between the way that windows in handling touch and passing that input on to the application. Leaving it up to the application to implement touch properly, unfortunately it seems the javascript libraries that they are using do not support the touch events (same goes for IE), in my bug report that I submitted to them I outlined this and linked them to the proper touchevents they should be using to ensure global compatibility.

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Hi, where is that .js file located?

Type that systemnav file name into search of the drive it’s on. Should be only one that comes up. Right click and edit with notepad. That’s what I did.

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It’s a good idea to make a backup before editing in case you accidentally break something, also keep in mind you will have to reapply this “fix” every time they release an update.

Also note that this will likely break the scrolling that they just implemented in the latest patch, although I haven’t tested it. Personally for myself I think I’m just going to put up with it until they officially fix it.

It doesn’t look like this fix is working any longer. Is there any other way to get the touch working on the second screen?

It would appear that this indeed doesn’t work. Sort of…

If you double tap on your touch screen - anywhere - it will “click” wherever your mouse pointer is, regardless what screen it’s on. It registers the touch as being a mouse button click, but doesn’t register the position where it’s been touched.

So in a practical sense, it’s useless.

I was so close to a mouse-free TBM cockpit…

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I too am plagued by this. I guess I can at least use navigraph on the screen I just bought. :unamused:

Has anyone had any luck with Air Manager? I’ve been using their beta panels for a while… not as pretty as the sim’s panels, but running on a touch screen with a knobster attached is kind of nice. I’d like to see a G1000 option, but I guess thats some time off. Which is ok, I gotta get better at flying with steam gauges anyways!

Has anybody figured out a work around this yet? About to get some touch screens myself and use air manager to build a gtn750. Thanks in advance for advice.

Let me know how the GTN750 in Air Manager goes. I am looking into doing the same thing.

Just bought and received 2x 7inch HDMI LCD touch screens, specifically for the G3000 PFD and MFD touchpad controllers, was very excited about the arrival and Windows 10 picking up the touch screens, unfortunately no touch functionality on the screens as soon as the instruments are popped out from MSFS2020, mouse clicks work fine, but no touch function working. The same goes for popping out the main G3000 PFD and MFD to 13" touch screens, no touch functionality available, loosing all touch functionality with all pop outs.

Hi CaptStevie72,

i’ve made the experience that sometimes you have to restart Air Manager’s Plugin-installer Home.
You can do that while msfs and Air Manager is running

It just occurred to me that Windows often forgets which devices are touch devices. Therefore, the first test should be to check whether Windows correctly recognizes the two screens as touch devices. If you draw a rectangle with your finger on the empty touchscreen, you should see this directly as a blue area. If this is not the case, you have to tell Windows which screens are touchscreens.

See. Control Panel => Hardware & Sound => Tablet PC Settings => Setup…

Touch support doesn’t work in MSFS. Not only doesn’t it work, but if you happen to touch or even move your mouse cursor into a popped out window, you lose all input control on your other inputs until you move it out.


I see Drunk Billy Flies touch screens working.

I’m Drunk Billy Flies… (EDIT: Now Otto Pilot - channel has been renamed)

The touch functionality in my cockpit is via Air Manager, not the sim’s native functionality. I haven’t done any videos that uses touch screen systems from in the sim because they simply don’t work.

Those would be:

  • touch screens for the TBM or Longitude

  • Garmin G3X used in the King Air, VL-3, XCub, and others

  • PMS50 GTN750

Those are in-sim screens that SHOULD work with touch. You use the mouse in the virtual cockpit to simulate touch control. If you pop those windows out of the sim, you can interact with them via a mouse, but there are 2 issues:

  • touch functionality on a touch screen with those pop-outs doesn’t work

  • touching said pop out, or even moving your mouse into that window, cuts off off all your other plane controls. No yoke, stick, throttle, pedals, hotkeys, etc will work until you move the mouse cursor out of that pop-out.

If Asobo ever gets around to fixing this touch issue, it will make for an amazing experience with planes that use touch screens.


Hey DBF, I was never aware that there are touch screen equipment in a sim. I have always used AM on my touch screens. I learned something new today. Two things… you are also crunchmeister

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Like I said, the TBM’s touch screen on the GTC 580 is the prime example, with it being such a popular plane. To be able to pop out that out into Air Manager and be able to use it with touch to set all functions, work radios, etc would be amazing. The fact we can pop out the windows, but NOT intereact with it via touch is actually mind-boggling.

I’m working on finalizing up some stuff for a full TBM 930 panel. On my left screen I have a GTC 580 bezel that works (not built by me) as part of that layout. I can use the 3 buttons on my touch screen to switch pages, and the knobs work perfectly with my Knobster. I have my GTC 580 screen popped out and fitted into it. It looks good but doesn’t work with touch…


Although I’m not exactly sure what this was supposed to mean, I had high hopes for this item from the Sim Update 3 release notes:

Fixed Mouse Events not handled correctly on Tactile Screens

I didn’t notice any difference, though.


Not good! When clicking on a window that was brought out via pop out, the FS loses the Windows control focus. This is a bug. Proof: If in the FS under SOUND MUTE AUDIO IN BACKGROUND is switched on, there is no MUTE when clicking on a pop out window. However, if you click on a completely different program, the FS sound is silent. This behavior is correct. When clicking inside a Pop Out Window, FS should do the same, but it does not.