Touchscreen overlay. Turns regular monitor into touchscreen?

Anybody have any experience with this ?? I have a 27" monitor and need touchscreen and the overlay sells for $155. which is a lot less than a new touchscreen.

Most of these use infrared rather than capacitive touch (which would require a separate glass / plastic layer on top of the screen) which I had heard was not as good as regular touch screens and can suffer from interference. However you can get multi-point touch overlays now and the reviews are generally pretty good from what I can see at Amazon.

Chengying 55 inch 10 Point Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame, ir Touch Panel, Infrared Touch Screen Overlay : Business, Industry & Science - multiple sizes available, not just 55".

No actual experience with them, though. I guess you could try it out and return it if it’s not up to scratch?

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Hi @PiperPilot3604,
I also agree with @FlyerOneZero

I looked into this once and after research I decided to buy a regular touch screen. (To note, I never did buy any overlay so I can’t give advice on it - just only from the research I did).

Appreciate the feedback. I’ve been watching videos etc and it may not be perfect but I can put my 27" to use for a LOT less than buying a new touchscreen. My layout is not perfect for multiple monitors (like 2 or 3 15.6 touchscreens because I have the tobii and it has to be mounted on the bottom of my main monitor and nothing can block it. The existing 27" is to the side of the main monitor and with that much screen space, i should be able to handle everything I want to “pop out” from Air manager. Now I just need a really good simple DIY kit for a knobster … LOL . Or I’ll just drop the $99.00 for a new one.

Haven’t seen any real negatives from my research but there is not a ton of info available. Probably will have to give it a try as it fits my setup nicely.

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Got my overlay and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. It was VERY easy to attach and so far it works as advertised.


Just wanted to ask you a follow up months later for a longer term review, do you still enjoy using the overlay? I was just doing the same exercise as you, I found a 32" Ultrawide overlay and was curious about how your experience with your own was. It was an IR overlay correct?

still works great. It is an IR type where you don’t even have to touch the screen but it serves it’s purpose nicely.

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