Tower Bridge turns out to be solid

Surprise at Tower Bridge

Merrily flying up the Thames at dangerously low level in the Icon A5 I was not expecting this at Tower Bridge!

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'tis true of a lot of bridges, I’m afraid.
At least your bridges are transparent underneath.
In the photogrammetry areas, with few exceptions (the famous ones that probably received manual touch-ups), the bridges have solid blocks under the road surface.

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Bridges do seem to be a weak spot in the AI. Several road bridges near my real world location in Scotland are just lines on (or under) the water surface. Rail bridges aren’t even there!

I was expecting the hand sculpted bridges to have better collision shapes. Who wouldn’t be tempted to fly through Tower Bridge?

Hopefully these will come in the future. I am surprised that more have not been ported from previous versions or other public domain and open source software.

Personally I’d like to have the three Forth Bridges just north of Edinburgh.

Awesome bridges! Have you logged a Zendesk defect to let them know they’re missing? As I understand it, a bug that gets reported in the forums doesn’t get tracked.

No, not yet but I should and will.

Thing is, it’s not a bug as such but a gap in the scenery that could be sorted.

Understood. I guess my definition of a scenery bug is when something is supposed to be there and it’s not.
Of course, they probably re-categorize everything behind the scenes after we submit them, anyway!

They did my last report, and this one too I expect!

Have you reported the issue of solid bridges? I’m guessing the more people report the higher it gets up the list.

Yes, I have. I’ve logged 33 defects so far. They probably hate me by now and roll their eyes everytime a new one comes in from me, haha!

Oh right … That explains the 8Gig update tonight before I’m allowed to fly today.

Yesterday I flew under Ikutsuki Bridge in Japan, and much to my surprise, I saw the cars driving on the water underneath the bridge!