Curious; why does the MSFS scenery exclude water, TV/radio, microwave and cell towers but can include windmills? All are in multiple data bases and all are distinctive parts of the landscape.


I can’t answer why they aren’t in the default sim, but you might like We Love VFR.


Interesting. I avoid add-ons but yep, that’s the kind of stuff I am asking about.

@MikeB54331, I’m going to load this up when I get home… thanx for the link.
(Hoping to see two local iconic smokestacks in Moss Landing, CA)


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I flew out of Germany today and noticed pylons for the first time

Well, it works perfectly and there is no FPS impact. It does exactly what you are asking for. But if you avoid addons, fair enough!


Excellent! Local PG&E towers at Moss Landing (and the power plant) are now in place… as is the radio tower that I look for every morning out my upstairs window (IRL) to see what the fog cover and weather will be like for the day!

Thank you to @PuffinFlight (and your wife).
I love paying for free mods, and this one was well worth a donation.



Thank you, from me and my wife :wink:, for all kind words and donation. We try our best.

Answering the first question, I think that Asobo wanted to make it right and just couldn’t put time into it. AI won’t get you very far with small all slim objects like masts and chimneys. The OSM data is patchy in regards of these types of objects and FAA is weirdly inaccurate. I spend countless hours on developing the best code I can to analyze and combine data from OSM, FAA and other sources. And countless hours on reviewing manually thousands of objects.

Just yesterday I’ve finished manually checking over 1000 masts that are located near airports in Europe and Africa to avoid placing tall ones next to the runway, but also to not remove them if they are there in real life.

New version of Region 1 is coming soon. With 1900 cooling towers and over 100 model variants to represent them.


WeLoveVFR adds more than just towers and radio antennas.

Please bring this to Xbox


I wish. You have to be in partners program. My application to Partners Program is still "processing"after half a year. I wouldn’t even wait for freeware section and just sell it for $5-$10 (for whole package).


I hope they can start streamlining this process, we need more good content such as yours on Xbox


as a real life radio broadcast engineer since 1978 I would love to see this on Xbox :smiley:


You live in a beautiful area then!

It’s a GREAT product. Thank you both for your time!

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