TPR vs slaw RH rudder pedals for realism in GA single engine aircraft (cessna 152/172)

Does anyone know how the Thrustmaster TPR and the slaw RH rotor rudder pedals compare to those of and actual single engine GA aircraft (cessna 152/172) for example. I want the most realistic feel for this type of aircraft. I noticed a lot of discussion about rudder pedals but never any mention about how realistic they are for specific aircraft types. Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_tear: I hope I am inserting this into the correct area of the forum. Please forgive me if it’s not correct.

Its not not realistic at all sadly. I find them too sensitive and on a real plane there is more resistance and feel that hard to explain. I only flew light planes and taildraggers, so Im sure to get flamed. There are folks that have more time and planes on their logbooks that will give their imput. hope you find what suits you .

My personal experience with the TPR pedals were not so good.
While I liked the solid build, the feel of the pendular movement was something I had never experienced in any aircraft in real life. The very next day I sent them back for a refund.
I then ordered the MFG Crosswind pedals with the hydraulic damper and loved them instantly. Best pedals for me by far. The possibilities for adjustment seem endless, yet the setup is quite easy due to the how to do videos.
Can highly recommend them.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate your feedback.

TPR looks great, nice to have them in the room, kind of aviation-grade metal. Thy also work well mechanically, with lots of adjustment options.
My complaint against them would be the fact, that you can’t have hour heels on the floor and your toes at the brakes at the same time, which might not be comfortable. However some pilots insist on putting the toes on the brake pads only when the braking action is needed, not during the take-off roll, to avoid uncontrolled pressure on the brake pads, impacting the take of roll lenght. Some pilots however, like to have toes ready on the brake pads, in case of a need for immediate braking.
Overall (I’m PPL(A) pilot with experience on C150 and Tecnam P2008JC) I’m happy with TPR, I like having such nice piece of metal under my desk. It fits the decor of my room, together with other aviation and technology artifacts.
You will never replicate the feel of real plane controls fully, as you don’t have the feedback from the aerodynamical forces on the rudder.
And for me the brakes integrated with rudder pedals are must.