Track ball for scrolling the in-cockpit camera view?

I searched and did not come up with any results.

Is anyone using a standard mouse “and” a track ball? The track ball controls just the camera scrolling?

If you are using just a track ball how do you have yours set to change the camera view left-right-up-down?

Which brand and mode of track ball do you use?

While watching the latest EasySimPilot’s video it seems like he is using a track ball:

I use an Xbox controller as a camera and view controller, it works great. Seems like you might have a difficult time keeping the camera orthagonal, weird angles and such.

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I am a long time user of a trackball, I have a cheap Kensington on my ‘other’ computer but that isn’t good enough for flight simulator. The trackball I use with MSFS (and all apps) is currently sold by PI Engineering and it is very hefty and solid. No mouse allowed here. Yes, the trackball is perfect for pan and zoom camera operation. No griping or moving around on the desk. I’d have a hard time using a mouse again.

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Yes, I also use a trackball and love it. Perfect for pan/zoom operations. I’m on my second Logitech M570 trackball. Love it.

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I did receive a SlimBlade yesterday and am working with it on my iMac. My MSFS computer got moved to an apartment this week and would not boot up upon arrival. Off to the shop it went. :frowning:

It will take some time to get used to it. But so far, so good!

Thanks for the replies!

Interesting topic, as I already use 3 mice (one for an old laptop, now Navigraph Central) and guess who has a spare Logitech trackball kicking around? Will watch with interest here.