Track IR stops working again

After latest update Asobo has bugged Track IR again! Same problem as a while ago: track IR stops working when going out of range. Only solution is to restart FS 2020 which has no use.

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I had this issue too but it’s gone for good now it seems. Not sure how exactly I fixed it. Only suggestion I can offer is close MSFS then close the TrackIR program then launch the TrackIR program then launch MSFS.

Odd this is happening for you. I use TrackIR. Had no issues with it in the last couple of updates. Even walked away from my computer mid-flight last night to get a drink (I use the hat clip, not wired pro tracker). Came back, sat down, re-centered my TrackIR, and continued without issue.

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Should be fixable with the Track Clip Pro too, it’s what I use.

Track IR is working great, no problems at all.

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Also seeing no problems with TrackIR after the latest update.

Hey there, @Hiigarajazz. I moved your post here to the #self-service:pc-hardware subcategory where these type issues are discussed. I hope you find a solution soon. Good luck.

No issues.

Are you sure you don’t have toggle track IR bound to something else in sim?

If I frequently pause TrackIr with the keybind set in the TrackIr Software then there is a very high chance that it looses the connection to the sim. Sometimes it comes back after the flight (or much later during the flight), sometimes only after restarting the sim.

This isn’t a new thing, though.

Edit 40 minutes later:
I just had my headphones (and thus TrackClip Pro) lying outside of reach while setting up some control profiles. Put them on and, yeah, lost connection.

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I have also begun having the occasional issue with TrackIR. Started a few weeks ago. I thought it was because I had it plugged into a powered hub so changed to the computer direct however had it happen again yesterday. Restart the sim seems to be the only way to get it working again. I always start TIR before anything else when beginning a session.

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Sorry folks but i am soooo fed up with this. I also play DCS and ED without ANY problems at all. But once i start up FS 2020 either track IR suddenly off centers itself. So the centre suddenly is to the left or right. In that case all i can do is restart FS 2020 which has no use as it will happen again. Or in many cases, track IR will stop working showing the red light. The update before this update Asobo actually fixed the Treack IR issues. But with this update its bugged again. For refenrence: i have playd FSX for thousands of hours with Track IR and NEVER had any problems. And i am not going to spend 250 euro on Tobii as it probably will have the same issues as Track IR.

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I had a disconnect yesterday, but thought it was a once off. If it happens again we need to report it on zendesk and bugs in the forum.

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Not here. Working just fine.

Had this problem too. Was working great then suddenly lost connection. Tried all the prior fixes, nothing.

same problem, not worth the price, what are some alternatives?

Same here again they broke trackir

Was working fine for me yesterday.

If you do lose connection, and it has happened to me, if you open the TrackIR software itself and view the real time tracking in my case it has always stopped tracking. Possibly a bug in the software and not in MSFS?

Restart the software and then restart the sim has been the only fix for me.

still no issue with TrackIR …

Ensure TrackIR software and Game-List is up2date. Check in TrackIR software that you placed camera correct ( check the “three dots” camera page ). Users which not use the “active” variant have to special aware of sun-light and sometime also users which needs “glasses” can run into issues because of reflections ( also with “active” leds ).

It just stopped working for me - both green lights on and software told me it was tracking but it would not move in FS.

Just started happening to me again.

Real pain in the ■■■ because the only way to fix it is to restart the sim…and that always means twiddling your thumbs while the sim sloooooowwwwwwllllly re-starts.

Sometimes it feels like I spend more time waiting for this thing to start (and re-start) than I do flying