Tracking NOAA planes in/around Hurricanes

Can you find them in your game ? Go find the NOAA , AI planes

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It’s very interesting to me that NOAA is still flying the P-3C Orion after all these years. When I was in the Navy, stationed with VP-56 at NAS Jacksonville, we performed maintenance on NOAA’s P-3 whenever it needed something. This was 1984-1987. All of the still active VP Squadrons have transitioned to the new P-8A Poseidon (a highly; VERY highly modified Boeing 737 MAX). And the Navy’s fleet of P-8s were the ONLY 737 MAX aircraft not grounded during the 737 MAX fiasco.

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Hey David I guess when you build something good and it still works. Wonder how many parts they have laying around for the P-3C .

The P-8A Poseidon is based on the 737NG, not a MAX. Look at the flight deck, engines etc all the same as the NG and not the MAX.

Thanks for clarifying that. I couldn’t remember which version.

No worries, the difference only matters to us hardcore avgeeks, to 99% of people, it’s just a jet!

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