TrackIR -adjusting default POV

Just setting up my headtracking (Declan Clip, using Opentrack software).

It all works perfectly so far, but the POV at launch in the centre of the cockpit (behind and between the pilots’ seats).

I can use cockpit camera settings and zoom to get the POV to about where the pilot’s head should be, but I was wondering if there was a way of setting the default position to the pilot seat? By using the zoom it affects sensitivty and leaves less zoom for looking at instrument in trackIR mode.



… it shouldn’t do that?

Do you have the “camera” centered over your monitor?

It should be to your left slightly as the sensor is hanging off that side of your head and not centered like the hat clip.

Hat clip - centered

Pro thingy- off center

I have my sensor mounted on the right side of my headset and so have put the camera offset to the right.

After posting it did occur to me I could use a very low tech option of pushing my chair back a bit before launching the game and them just shuffling it forward to get into the right position. Testing it right now…

On the right, that sensor spins 180? (as in the long one is on the bottom?)

I saw some warning about adjusting it so I barely touched it.

It’s a wireless sensor (Delcan) that you can chose where to attach . I have a mic boom on the left so went for a RHS mounting.

And I’m pleased to say the very simple trick of pushing my seat back at launch works just fine - after launch I can just move forward without using the camera zoom.

So problem solved with no coding required!

Cool, however now you have me questioning the sanity of TrackIr and my headphones … why are they both clearly set to be used on the left when PC’s are generally built to be on your right?

Well I’ve just had a load of fun setting it up…found if I come out of TrackIR, go to the normal view then relaunch it it centres on that view.

Gotta say it’s a totally different experience, in a good way. Not disappointed!

I bought a TrackIR for FS2020 as soon as it was launched. It’s a fantastic piece of technology and works brilliantly. A couple of observations from my experience:

  1. I find the passive hat clip far more precise and stable than the active device. It’s also lighter and you do not have battery issues. Just be sure that the TrackIR device on top of the monitor is not pointing at any bright light source such as a window.

  2. Remember you can always tap the F12 key any time to reset the “center” position once you are comfortable in your ideal flying position.

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Good tips thank you.

It’s a Delan wireless tracker with a PS3 camera rather than an actual TrackIR (which are rare as rocking horse poop in the UK now). But yes - I found setting up two binds on the yoke hat switch very helpful - one to centre it and one to toggle it off/on.

I need to spend some time now in the OpenTrack software setting up some sensitive curves and a bit of a deadzone - it’s too twitchy at the moment and setting dials can bit tricky as the screen moves around. Also using a mouse is too dynamic so I think it’s time to get a trackball.

If I’m not mistaken the “zoom” in MSFS has nothing to do with head position. I don’t use open track software but I do use TrackIR and as far as the Track IR camera centering there is F12 as a hotkey. If you are wanting to move your head position either forward, backward or side to side you can use left Alt + up and down arrows for forward and backwards head positioning, up and down arrows for higher or lower and left and right arrows on your keyboard for left or right head positioning. With TrackIR you can also pause the sensor if you need to get up and you can have it paused until the flight loads in.

In MSFS it seems like the default zoom level is more actually where it should be now as opposed to FS10 days. In FS10 with TrackIR you couldn’t move forward or backward in the seat at all when using TrackIR.

Nevertheless, glad it’s working for you.

Adjust head to your preferred position, press right alt + numpad 0 works for dcs.