TrackIR and "landingview"

This seems to be a strange problem, and not common (did lotsa searching)…

I have TrackIR5 working splendidly… no issues… can look all around, during every aspect of a flight… except on final…

If I do not hold my head, near motionless… the “view” will jump into, what I assume, is “landingview”. It pops up and forward… like I’m leaning way in - even over the instrument “dash panel” - for a better view of the runway… or something like that. If, at that point, I move my head… I can get it to reset to a normal view… but this whole thing can happen several times, while on final/short-final.

A peek at the camera.cfg file, shows a, “landingview”… would simply deleting those lines be safe ?

Anyone else experience this, and/or know of a remedy ?

Kinda sounds like you’re leaning forward and straightening up, and when you lean forward the reflector or LED is falling out of view of the camera?


I thought of that… but this only happens on final/short-final… Other than then, I have a very good range of view… up/down … left/right… no issues with sensor/reflector…

Good luck!

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Whenever that happens to me, I just recenter the TrackIR “View” and it puts me back into the seat.

This happens, when I lean forward and upward, to look over the plane’s nose for the runway. Leaning back into previous posture will help to reset the view. And if not, then press the F12 key for reset.


Thanks for the replies… those ideas will help…

I was hoping for a way, to just keep it from happening… I’m more convinced now, that it is some sort of automatic thing, as it only happens on final. Like, turning off, or disabling, the landing view…?

No, there’s no such automatic behavior. I’m still 99% sure you’re just leaning forward and scooting up in your chair and your reflector is blocked. :slight_smile:

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There is a camera definition for “landingview” … something is activating it…

Like I said… I have a great range of motion, during all segments of flight… never having the reflectors out of “view”. If I intentionally lean forward enough TO have then out of view, the results are unpredictable… almost random… as opposed to when on final, with only slight head motion… a very predictable and consistent, landing view triggers.

There’s always multiple camera definitions, that’s normal. The landing view exists, but it should not be activated unless you’re pushing the appropriate ‘next view’ / ‘previous view’ keybinding.

(Certainly this is not a normal expected effect that you’re encountering. It sounds like a tracking error, but it might b e some other kind of problem. I’ve never experienced anything like what you describe here, so I’m sorry if that doesn’t help you. Good luck!)

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Right… but what else could it be, other than something activating that view… ? I’m familiar with what happens when I move outside of the camera/reflective range… this ain’t that… it’s the same, distinct “landing view”…

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Hi @N4790G

This issue must be nerve wrecking for you.
The thing i would propose for your problem is fairly easy and worth trying,
Just set up a second profile and give it a for a recognissible name
Narrow input in this profile and suit this to youre needs when landing
Activate this profile when you start decending or so, and gain stabilty to your viewpoint.

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On my yoke, I have mapped a button for centre and one for disable/enable. There are many times I want TiR off so there is no camera movement. I turn it off frequently during short final.


I do the same thing as @TestPilotDan since the last thing I need on final is a sudden shift in view.

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was going to suggest this too i also have an enable/disable button mapped
though i have never had the behaviour being described here

Thanks for the replies… :slight_smile:

I went ahead and completely removed the “landingview” camera definition, in the camera.cfg file (after making a backup)… and that seems to have helped…

I still have this sneaky feeling, that maybe ground proximity (like on final) is a trigger… because I can look all over the place… lean way in… lean way back… tilt/nod/bob my head, during all other segments of flight… no problems. but on that pesky final… it still “wants” to trigger an alternate view… :rage:

I’ve made sure to give the TrackIR sensor, a clear view of the clip (on my cap)… here’s a view of my setup… with the 49" curved monitor… and TrackIR, I don’t need any instrument, or any other views, for that matter…

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Yes this is strange, I have had TrackIr for years and I have never had this :thinking:
Where did you find the camera.cfg file? I don’t see it in my TrackIr folder…

In addition, I’m not sure but, in your image it looks like there is a light source on your left, (window for example) namely all the stray light around you, can cause the sensor to bug (but I’m not sure let it be that)

(Be careful, even the red tip of a cigarette can cause it to bug :smirk:)


Hi Renou71…

The camera.cfg file for the aircraft…

Yes, there is a sliding glass door, off to the left (blinds drawn)…

But, this isn’t like a stray light induced error… it only happens on final… near the ground…

Ah ok for the “config” file :+1:
Hmm I would have told you something basic, uninstall and reinstall, maybe…
yeah me, I never had that :thinking:

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Do you by any chance use fsrealistic? There was and maybe still is a bug that happens as you describe where the view would shift upwards as if in the landing view on occasions.

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