TrackIR has become unreliable after recent updates?

Install Opentrack and it sees tir and msfs responds to ot.

Hi !

I had an issue with my Track IR 5 after the last update. The device wasn’t recognized at any USB port.

I have uninstalled and manually reinstalled the driver and now it works fine.


Seems to be an issue that comes and goes. After one update, MSFS crashes TrackIR repeatedly. After the next update, no issues at all.

For those having the issue, I suggest patience. It seems to work again after a while…

Haven’t had the issue until now that I updated to SU7, but now this is one of the known issues :man_facepalming:

Correction of the issue below:

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Since SU7 I too have issues with TrackIr. It seems to switch itself off. Also when I start a plane’s engine with CTRL + E.

Completely ridiculous. I was really enjoying TrackIR and can’t go back to panning with my mouse. Having to constantly toggle it on in MSFS is stupid beyond words. They knew it was broken and said so in their release notes, so why release the patch then??? I’ve spent so much money on third-party add-ons that support this sim, and I won’t be spending any more until this is fixed.


I hope they fix this soon as I would think a lot of people use TrackIR. TrackIR is working fine for me in other games so it seems to be an issue with MSFS in particular.
On the plus side the spontaneous reboots I was getting after 5 mins of flight time post SU6 now seem to have stopped and constant TrackIR disabling has replaced reboots as the cause of my high blood pressure :slight_smile:

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A lot of people do use TrackIR. I’m one of them, along with you.

Yeah, this pretty much sucks.

I love TrackIR. Not about to sink a butt load of $ into a VR set that will do nothing but choke my graphics card and hobble my frames. Plus, I really love having my own real-world sight and peripheral vision. TrackIR is more than enough for me - when it works…

If this was a known issue for this update, why the frack force the update on us when the problem has not been resolved. I would love the option to hold off on an update until I decide to.

Yes, a lot of folks use TrackIr. I’m sure of it.

Maybe some behind-the scenes, secret marketing scheme - investors and VR hardware makers ploy to force TrackIR folks to ditch the ball cap and buy VR sets?

This is BS.

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I feel your pain but it’s much more likely to be a c*ck up than a conspiracy

If you play in dx12 (i know i do)
Has any of you reable your devices for tracking, i noticed some micro stutters but i lowered my renderscale, and that solved it also you can lower your screen setting and upscale renderscale.
It is worth to try.

Good luck

I have the same problem and I am using TrackIR for years and had no troubles at all until now.
I hate not having a choice in updating.


Yeah, you’re probably right.

With so much corruption, deception, and marketing scandals today, I’m too quick to suspect foul play a lot of times.

I’m sure the Asobo team will get it straightened out.

I too have used TrackIR from the start with no in game issues at all until yesterday’s update. In my case although both status lights are on and head movement shows in the TrackIR window there is no response to head movement in the sim. My situation does not appear to be covered by the acknowledgment of TrackIR problems in the release note, which implies it stops working some time after starting a flight, and presumably the connection light on the device goes off? In my case it doesn’t work full stop but the light stays on. I am not confident Asobo will sort it any time soon.

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I can’t believe they don’t understand the problem, I have the same problem after the update, I have no USB problems, they are over-powered. Capnavs47 was clear on his problem and I have the same problem and cannot find the solution. Asobo messed up my device after this latest update.

My guess is pressure to get Tobi eye scanner working.

No reason to release an obvious show stopper for so many though.

They have to releae every buggy update since this alpha software journey began… they have very sharp timeline and care about money not quality

Well, to be fair (Letterkenny fans luvs) the FS-X Team Aces Game Studio - Wikipedia was done for by MS for missing deadlines. So there is real actual pressure on this team.

Assign a button or key to the default Head Tracking assignment in MSFS itself and that will bring the tracking back to life if the two lights on the IR camera are still both green. It won’t help if the right light goes out though, that is the simconnect drop out I have been talking about previously.

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That’s what I did to solve my problem. I found there’s a switch under the cockpit camera view that can be toggle on and off and that keeps getting toggled off for some reason. It happens every time I pause trackir. It also can just kick off for some reason as well I’ve found. Assigning a button (on my mouse for me) with the Toggle Head Tracking takes care of it. But the view gets reset. I haven’t figured out a way around that yet. It sucks because I like to pause trackir when I’m looking up close at controls to steady the view for clicking.
This is all happened with the new update


Yes it looks like they reverted code for TrackIR and Tobi that makes the view reset as soon as you pause tracking, whether in MSFS or with the same function in the TrackIR software itself. It was the same when TrackIR support was first added to the sim just after it left Alpha.