TrackIR has become unreliable after recent updates?

Same issues
Never had any problems with trackir , Trackir s/w operates normal , so for sure no USB problem.
After last msfs2020 update issues started .
I’m finished flying for the moment.
Ik hope someone finds a solution…

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Just started to sim again after years (last flight was 2014… w/FSX) and I was struggling w/TrackIr 5 apparently ‘losing’ connection to msfs when camera lost TrackClip pro leds because too much of head movement.
Simulator resets to default view and TrackIr seems to be inoperable althought TrackIr software & camera shows status lights Ok.
From this forum I found that there is keyboard command to enable head tracking in settings.
Assigned shift+f12 to it then mapping keycommand in to joybutton to toggle head tracking on again.
Don’t know why Asobo re-introduced auto toggle back as mentioned in this thread but now I can turn my head to side panels and toggle tracking back if msfs toggles it off.

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I’ve had the problem forever and I can GUARANTEE the solution is to assign a key to the “Toggle Head Tracking” setting under controls. What a life saver. It must be auto-toggling or something, but at least there’s a fix without restarting the sim.


If you hit F9 to freeze TrackIR then MSFS will toggle head tracking off - which I have found also resets the camera to a fixed cam position, so that’s utterly useless - I want to freeze head tracking where I’m looking, that’s the point of it. I’ve also had it toggle head tracking off if there’s a brief USB reset ( as X570 chipsets are a bit prone to) and if I turn my head too far so the camera loses the track clip. 30% of the time it won’t turn back on at all at that point, it’s just decided there’s no head tracking device even though the device is active & tracking properly.

Please stop being clever here - there’s no need to turn head tracking off in the game ever, we can do that with the device itself - if there’s no input from the head tracking device then it’s not affecting the camera anyway, no need to bother with logic. This is currently driving me nuts, honestly.

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I also have this issue, but it must be USB/MSFS. i.e. If the TrackIR works consistently in DCS/X-Plane/il-2 WITHOUT issue, then MSFS is the odd man out. I DID try the USB change but it made no difference. I did notice that if you look away from the Track IR, in MSFS it freezes, All other games it picks it up, odd man out again. (IMHO)


Same issue with TrackIR (stop working in MSFS, but still works in the TrackIR SW) since SU7 (Game of the year). Definetely a MSFS issue. TrackIR still works with other titles. Try to change USB port with no effect.
Really try to be patienece with the Sim, but all the problems (e.g. visability of friends in multiplayer, update issues etc.) stopp me to have fun with it. I mean, what should we expect from a company like MS in producing SW on there own OS ??? I guess, maybe something more professional…


I too have TrackIR issues since sim update 7. If I turn my head too far right/left or up/down, the connection is lost and will not re-establish (even with 2 green lights). Never had this problem before…only after SU7. Frustrating for sure!!


Only reason I’m not in this thread is a minor surgery prevents me from wearing headgear at the moment.

I often get CTD if the TrackIR has lapsed and I use the toggle TrackIR function.

For some inexplicable reason, Trackir loses its connectivity to FS2020 after su7 by pressing the F9 key. If you press the F9 again, Trackir appears again under Control Options in FS2020. After that, you have to reactivate the switch for Trackir under Camera. Here must be quickly improved by Asobo. The termination of the multiple assignment of the F9 under control assignment brought no change.

This worked for me, thanks. The symptoms for me were that TrackIR either wouldn’t work initially or would stop working somewhere into the flight. As you suggested I bound a button to Toggle Head Tracking. I can get TrackIr to not work but just briefly covering the TrackClip, or by pressing F9 twice (in the default config). Both lights on the TrackIr will be green but MSFS won’t be listening to them. It is as if there is aggressive logic in MSFS saying “If you lose contact with head tracking, then disable it.”
I just press the button and it works again, thanks.

(Regarding it not working initially, I think that happened if I wasn’t wearing the hat when the flight started, MSFS would seemingly think, “Well, head tracking is enabled, but I don’t see one. Quick, turn it off!”)

See also here:


That is right, TrackIR has become unreliable lately. It seems to turn off every time I click on my second screen for something (ATC etc). When I go back to my main sim screen, I click shift +8 and that turns it on again. A little annoying considering it used to work regardless of what screen I was clicking on. It is not TrackIR, something has changed in MSFS. Cheers

Yes, if I pause TrackIR in flight it will stop working even after unpausing. I need to investigate further to see if that was a coincidence or if it is consistent.

I have been using TackIR 5 since launch day, in numerous games and simulators, for many, many years. Never had an issue with USBs, neither 2.0 nor 3.0, powered or not, direct or via a HUB.
The most I have ever had to deal with, to my recollection may be settings and tweaking sensitivities.
Since SU7, any interaction with external hardware, specially switches or loosing line of sight with the camera or pausing, it disconnect (right green light off). Never before now.
A work around that I found on another forum was to assign a keyboard key to “Options>Control Options>Keyboard>Camera>(assign a key)>TOGGLE HEAD TRACKING”. So, when loosing connection a reset is achieved by the use of this key. It works, but it is unacceptable, considering that it only happened after update 7.
Asobo, please look into it and fix it. TrackIR and the likes are part and parcel of Flight Simulation.


Yeah I can confirm that your workaround fixes the problem with TrackIR either not starting in MSFS SU7 (or Freezing), at least in in my case. NICE FIND!!!

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Why? Any ideas?


my track ir shows up in control panel but it does’nt work at what so ever in the sim.
i was away for 3 weeks first day back on… i cant fly without it… is there a work around

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