Trackir on the way

Just got notice that my trackir 5 arrives tomorrow. It’ll be my 3rd one.
A couple of years ago I gave away my trackir, rudder pedals, and warthog stick/throttle.
Now this ■■■■ game has me buying new stuff. :frowning:

If you don’t have trackir and are thinking of it, pull the trigger and get it.
It adds a whole new feel and dimension to PC flying. Takes a little bit to get used to but it’s great.


I still can’t find my TrackIR v3 since we moved. Driving me crazy.

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I love my TrackIR5 in DCS, in Elite Dangerous, in Il2-BOS and I love it in FS2020. :+1:t2:


It’s expensive, but i can’t imagine flying without it anymore.


I found mine the other day in a box of junk wires and stuff. Biggest waste of money that I have ever spent. To look at something you turn your head but have to keep your eyes looking at the screen in the same place . It just makes me giddy. It’s now in my recycling rubbish bin.


I’ve been trying to find a yoke, but everything is out of stock. Everyone’s inventory has been wiped out. MSFS must be doing alright.

Yes, definitely a must have. IMO, sims are unflyable without TrackIR or VR. I too almost gave mine away several times over the past few years because I had VR, but I’m glad I didn’t! This doesn’t have VR yet, so I dusted off my old TrackIR Clip (2006) and it works just as good as a brand new one. I find them extremely durable over the years.

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You cant even find a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? Best Buy has them for 30 bucks

“Biggest waste of money that I have ever spent.”

Really?? You must have never properly calibrated it. If you increase the sensitivity in the axis you only have to turn your head slightly. You may be the only person I’ve ever heard of who didn’t like TrackIR.


More than likely you hadn’t had it setup correctly. Lots of tutorials out there to ensure a great experience.

For someone who has used TrackIR and something like FaceTrackNoIR, how do they compare? I’m using FaceTrackNoIR now with my Android phone and FacePoseApp and it works good, but I don’t know what better looks like.

I used FaceTrackNoIR before i had TrackIR, and it was very sensitive to lighting, and i play in a pretty poorly lit room as i don’t like bright lights. So FaceTrackNoIR sometimes would lose you, (and i was using a PS3 EYE cam with 120 fps. With TrackIR and the TrackClip Pro that has LED’s, it will never lose you unless you are out of its sight. TrackIR is also much smoother and with it’s program you tweak it to perfection.

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I find TrackIR, great in MS2020, and like has been said you need to make sure you have a decent profile set up, and once you have it’s just a case of moving your head ever so slightly to have a full cockpit view, even right behind you, plenty of profiles out there to DL and many are set up for specific HUDs such as DCS etc.

I also invested in a powered Track Hat and the tracking is amazing now.

PSA: There’s a great alternative headtracking program and it’s free! Only requires a simple webcam.
It was posted by another user a while ago. :exclamation:

I’ve been using this and while it requires some tuning and adjusting the sensitivity, it’s an amazing addition to the experience!

Proper TrackIR is probably still better and smoother, I don’t think you have to feel bad about spending the money for it, but Opentrack + AI Track is still amazing for people who can’t or don’t want to afford an expensive headtracking setup. :+1:t2:

(Note that you might have to try different versions of AI Track. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time around)

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If you want to save something, be advised you don’t actually need to buy the Track Clip Pro too.

I had bought mine with the Track Clip Pro and I’ve been using both happily for years, and I thought I couldn’t do without it, even to the point that I got new Track Clips Pro every time I broke one (they are flimsily built).

Then I got myself a PC sound bar and a new headset with thick headbands that made it impractical to use the Track Clip Pro, so I gave a try to the basic Track Clip that comes with the TrackIR (the reflectors you need to put on a cap’s brim) and let me tell I couldn’t detect any difference at all in tracking.

Sometimes, if I’m smoking a cigar, the heavy smoke will interfere with tracking (which doesn’t happen with the LED’s in the Track Clip Pro), but other than that, it’s just as god as the Pro version.

Does anyone have a great trackir profile for FS2020?

There’s a 10 buck headtracking smartphone app for Android and iPhone called SmoothTrack that supposedly is actually working better than trackir for some people. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but that’s something to consider if you are planning on getting trackir hardware.

I’m using that tethered with an android device and it’s great. Balancing an oculus rift on the head is smoother though, but for $10 it’s great.

I don’t know if it’s “great” but I’ve been using Seth’s profile evers since FSX times.
It’s a little “aggressive” as I believe it’s been conceived for combat sims, and at times it’s difficult to turn the knobs with the mouse in virtual cockpit mode in MSFS, but it’s a good starting point.

Don’t know where you are located but if you have a microcenter in the area, they’ve had sticks in stock.