TrackIR randomly stops and fails to work again

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TrackIR will randomly stop and fail to start again, MSFS needs to be restarted.

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Load MSFS, use TrackIR, wait for functionality to stop.

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Current as of this post

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It would appear to me that you have an issue with TrackIR, your tracker or a conflict. I fly with TrackIR for hours each day with no such issue.


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I thought so but the TrackIR app continues to function perfectly fine if I ALT TAB to it

As I said, you have some type of conflict. Other piece of software maybe. I have zero issues. If this were a MSFS issue this forum would be flooded with posts. What is the status of the LEDs on the TrackIR when you have your problem? (are both green). What happens on screen when you have your problem? Does it randomly freeze your view or you end up in cockpit view?

It is a known problem that has been an issue since the release of MSFS. It happens very rarely to me but it does happen from time to time. People were talking a lot about it a couple of years ago, but like it is with many issues in MSFS: it never got fixed by either Asobo or Natural Point so people just give up and move on …

Fortunately there is also a good workaround that is around just as long: whenever MSFS loses the connection to TrackIR simply start the “Mouse Emulation” (TIRMouse.exe) app that is also in the TrackIR software folder. This restores the use of TrackIR in MSFS without having to restart the sim.

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Hey Jigsaw, Having something happen once in great while and happening all the time are two separate issues. Still would like to know the LED status when “it” happens.

True. In my case the left LED extinguishes but the right one stays on.

Meaning: TrackIR is running and functional but is currently not connected to any supported game. Might be the same for ALLFUNTHINGS.

Are you sure you are not backwards on that?

Left = TrackIR on and tracking a source

Right = connected to game

If not mine functions backwards…lol

Yes you are right! The right LED would extinguish while the left one still tracks the reflectors / IR lights.

Spot on with the LEDs, the right one turns off yes TrackIR continues to function in the app but not in MSFS, thanks a ton for the TIRmouse.exe tip, I’ll give that a go the next time it inevitably happens, will report back then.

Thank you very much in advance guys

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This happens to me from time to time as well. The only two events in which I can almost guarantee losing TrackIR connectivity are:

If I accidentally make too large of a head movement with IR emitters close to the receiver. As in, forget to pause TrackIR using F9 as I take my headset off the hook and put it on.

Or two, following a sim CTD. I will without fail lose trackIR within a minute of restarting the sim and hitting fly.

The only way to fix it is to restart my computer. But I’m rarely flying when I’m not streaming and because I don’t want to shut down the stream and restart, I have a work-around using TrackIR to mouse (tirmouse.exe).

Either way, this is a super annoying bug and it’s been reported occasionally on this forum since the simulator launched.

Interesting, to me it usually happens when I look slightly to the right to input some info into the virtual tablet or the fmc, and it only happens in MSFS, never had that happen in XPlane, in fact in BeamNG, there I can do anything I like including unplugging and unplugging the TrackIR USB cable and it’ll reconnect and continue to work, lol

Also make sure your USB is not going into sleep mode…More info here

I’ll have a look thanks, though I kinda wanna doubt that because it’ll be working just fine to not responding in MSFS at all, during a head movement