Training lessons on other aircraft

I’d like to have many other training lessons for every main type of plane, specially for IFR flights with ILS approach with every kind of autoilot available in the sim.

I like the way the tutorial is set up. I would have liked it much better if it included lessons for all plane types available in the sim. I like the bush trip & landing activities as well, but I think these can be greatly expended with other categories, where focus is not so much on manual navigation and landing. For example, just trips (carrying passengers or whatever, maybe create some unexpected events during a flight) with GPS navigation I would like much better.
Also, the text included in the window with of all the navigation points is really long to read and it is hard (for me at least) to focus scrolling through that text and fly together. Would be really nice if you get an option that the text is read out loud in game, as soon as you reset the stopwatch for example, and get an option to repeat the readout.


For example:


What about 2nd and 3rd lessons.

After you finish the C152 you can get lesson on turbo prop like C208 or King air.
and after finish that next grade is Airliners.
both A320 & B787

This lessons should include using a GPS
how to use how to open a plan and change a plan while flying etc…use all of its functions

Ask and ye shall receive. Lessons from the previous version of Flight Simulator (FS 10 or FSX).

There’s plenty of other lessons in there, including a complete tier of training that takes you from Student Pilot to Commercial Transport Pilot.

It’s actually quite sad that FSX provided such a complete set of lessons and you can get that now for 25 USD on Steam by purchasing the FSX: Steam Edition. That’s why I keep my copy on another drive, so I can refresh using all those lessons.

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Hi thank you.
but that doesnt help

I want and think we should learn with the new planes and inst’ and mod’ and cookpits.
although the basics are the same.

what will do someone that didnt keep his old fsx copy or doesnt have it at all ( new to MsFS)

New content is needed, but until then, the lessons are applicable to almost all of the aircraft you could fly in MSFS 2020. It’s a matter of waiting for that content, which may not come. Learn now, refresh later.

you are right however…

I try to fly with fs2020…and dont manage with the new GPS… part of it is to know the new 3d view and the new GPS format…

I think they said we have two training lessons coming up for the A320neo.

good to know.

I would prefer the training section to allow the selection of a(any) plane, and then provide all the basics of flight, navigation, airport services, etc tuned to that plane and a suitable airport.

:thinking: :pray::prayer_beads: someday in 2021 :innocent: